Temple Milonga on 12/12

For the Farewell Milonga for Pablo & Noelia, we invite you to a very special place, one of the most beautiful Tango venue in Asia, the 700 year-old Hong’en Temple!ProgramPablo & Noelia performance: enjoy a show by professional dancersLive music by No Name Trio: a special 30-mn all tango music concertMilonga (Tango social bal) with Tayfun Bayram as the Guest DJ: put on your best heals !+ Cash bar and snacks.DateSaturday, December 12th, 2009, 8:30PM– 1:00AMAddressNo.4, Zhangwang Hutong (North Entrance), off Jiugulou Dajie,... [Lire la suite]
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Private classes with Pablo and/or Noelia

Pablo & Noelia will be available for private classes from November 25 to December 14 Dec 2009. If you intend to take classes with them, please email beijing.tango@yahoo.com (Beijing.Tango members enjoy priority booking). Prices: 80 US$ for single teacher, 120 US$ for both teachers. Please pay in US$, Pablo & Noelia will not accept RMB. Address:  Couryard house in n° 27 Guowang Hutong, off Jiugulou Dajie, Dongcheng. Subway: Gulou Dajie.
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Workshop with Pablo & Noelia

It is our great pleasure to announce the return of Pablo & Noelia for our December workshop (group classes and private lessons). These famous Argentinian Tango Masters came already twice at BeijingTango in the past years and their new workshop was highly anticipated by Beijing students of all levels. Pablo Giorgini & Noelia Coletti are world class dancers from Buenos Aires who taught and performed extensively in Europe and Asia. They are currently on a 6-month Asia tour, teaching master classes in Tokyo and Hong... [Lire la suite]
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Milongas at Sino Chu Wine Bar

We hold two milongas a week, on Thursday and Sunday, from 9:00PM to midnight. Entrance is free but we encourage attendants to order beers, home-made drinks, organic wines or just tea from the bar who welcomes us. Dinner is also available (western fare), either at the restaurant dowstairs (nice terrace in summer !) or in the milonga room upstairs. THE PLACE The Sino Chu Wine Bar (also known as Liangmahe Winebar) is conveniently located in the sanlitum area, off Chunxiu Lu, along the canal, behind the Canadian and Australian... [Lire la suite]
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Michael's Thursday Class

Thursday class8:00PM-9:15PM at Sino Chu Bar.  No class during 2-week workshop.50 RMB for beijingtango members / 70 RMB for non-members Teacher : Michael NO class during July 2010. Class will resume in August. Michael E. Schroeder is one of the veterans of the Beijing tango scene. He has successfully taught people who then caught fire and now teach on their own or even run their own tango clubs. He is dedicated to tango at its core as a way of expression and finding inner peace. Michael strives for the secrets beyond the... [Lire la suite]
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TT's Sunday Class

Sunday class8:00PM-9:00PM at Sino Chu Bar. No class during 2-week workshop.30 RMB for beijingtango members / 50 RMB for non-members Teacher : TT TT is a Beijing-trained Tango dancer. He has been teaching Tango since the beginning of 2008. TT has been studying Tango with several Argentinian teachers (Ezequiel & Geraldine, Pablo & Noelia, Ernesto & Rica) and adopted a style somewhere between Salon-Tango and Tango Nuevo. TT did the choreography for the Young Chinese Ballet Tango Stage Performances in July 2009, and... [Lire la suite]
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No Name Trio to perform at the Temple milonga on 12/12music

The No Name Trio will present a special 30-minute tango concert at the Temple Milonga. Two guitars, one bass and one accordion will play classical and modern tango especially rehearsed for this venue, as well as a couple of surprises !Meet the 4 of the trio !An international group, based in Beijing, China, specializing in swinging French sounds from long ago, the No Name Trio consists of Zoe Wang, China’s foremost accordionist, Nico Torrese (guitar) from France, Daniel Brustman (guitar) from the USA and Sebastian Meyer (upright bass)... [Lire la suite]
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Join now !

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Who we are and contacts

Beijing.Tango is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Argentinian tango in Beijing. Founded in 2004 by Europeans living in Beijing, Beijing.Tango welcomes Chinese people and foreigners alike. We speak Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French and other languages.We organise :- bi-weekly tango classes for beginners and improvers, on Thursday and Sunday; - bi-weekly milongas, on Thursday andf Sunday; - and we invite renowned tango artists to run workshops 4 times a year and perform in milongas. These intensive... [Lire la suite]
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