01We are very please to announce our next workshop, organized jointly with Diego and his team from Tango Chino. We will welcome two teachers from Buenos Aires: Andres Laza Moreno and his new partner Isabel Acuna. These renowned teachers of Tango Salon have already been invited several times in Asia and people just loved them and their teaching style, as you can read by yourself:

Gustavo Lin (Taipei Tango instructor):
"I knew Andrés Laza Moreno since 2007. For me, he is one of the top 5 tango salon dancers in Milongs in Buenos Aires. He is very young but his tango is very full of the old sense. His dance is very traditional, elegant and dynamic. Besides dancing, he is very famous and recommended with his teaching skill. My friends and I learn a lot from him. H.K is so lucky can have Andrés, don't miss any class!"

Hung-Yut Chen & Hwayi (Seoul Tango Festival organizer):
"We have taken many classes with Andrés over a five-month period in Buenos Aires. We loves his dancing for its natural elegance and power. He is very approachable in class, always giving and very patient. We have learned a lot about Argentine Tango from him, and we think HK Tango lovers are very lucky to have him and Isabel in 2010! We hope we can come join you in March!"

Daisy Tsang (member of Tangotang):
"Since I started to learn Tango, I have had the opportunity to travel around and learn from different maestros, yet Andrés is the one I prefer in Buenos Aires. I can use what he teaches me in Milongas and often receive compliments from different leaders. I would love to share my experience with all the Tango lovers who want to enjoy Salon-style Tango."

For those of you fortunate enough to have YouTube access, you chek videos of them dancing together, here and there.


The workshop will run from Friday, March 17th, to Monday April 5th, and will be hel mostly at Tango China Studio in CBD.
The Welcome Milonga will be held in the Temple on the 20th of March.

The workshop will offer: 4 group classes for beginners/improvers, 6 for intermediate level, 6 for advanced dancers, 4 technique classes for everybody (always very popular!), 4 milonga-focus classes, 70 or so private classes, and for the first time 2 guided practicas. And 13 milongas!!

Stay tunned, more details soon !