sonrisa_lightAndres Laza Moreno

Born in 1983, Andres began dancing when he was 14 year-old; He soon joined the Ballet Zaraza Tango with which he gave his first shows in some of the most important milongas in Bunenos Aires. In 2002, he obtained the first role en el gala "Hugo del Carril", one the most important tango event of the 2000s.
In 2004, Andress succeeded in entering the very competitive "Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino" (ACETA) also known as "Ballet Escuela" where the more famous ‘maestros’ transmit their knowledge and experience to the new generation of dancers.
In October 2006, Andres becomes Samantha Anahí Dispari dance partner and gives his first steps as a Tango professional. This very year, Andres learns, develops and adopts the "Villa Urquiza" style with Jorge Dispari and María del Carmen. Andres and Samantha give group classes and workshops and head for Europe in 2007, for Andres first European tour.
In 2009, Andres forms a new dance couple with his life partner, Isabel Acuña. During this year they give group classes in Buenos Aires and workshops in other areas of Argentina, and exhibit themselves in the more prestigious milongas.

Isabel Acuñaarm_light
Born in Chile, Isabel began taking tango classes in "Buenos Aires Tango Club", a local club in Santiago de Chile, where she learned from the old-generation masters. Soon she became one of their assistant and took her fist step into teaching. She tended to evolve in the same circles since milongas didn’t exist yet in Santiago.
Isabel soon gave shows in tango clubs and began teaching, mostly to senior people, until she found herselve teaching children in the Santiago YMCA network. This was a very gratifying experience since a lot of them still dance tango today.
Isabel acted as a real founder of the tango scene in Chili; with a group of friends and colleagues, she was promoting tango in Chili and diffusing it among young people. One could say that this gave birth to a whole new generation of tangueros.

From January 2005, although she was still working for a living, she took on visiting regurlarly Buneos Aires, in order to develop her knowledge of tango and to get a feeling of the milongas. During these trips, she gave shows for 3 years in "Tango Mundial", an event organized by Parakultural in the Salón Caning. Her Argentine teachers include Graciela Gonzalez, Geraldine Rojas, Alejandra Arrué, Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Missé.
In 2008, she settle down in Buenos Aires and a few months later she begins her profesionnal carreer as a tango dancer and teacher, with Andres Laza Moreno as a partner.