The workshop is up and running and the first classes were already well attended.

You can now download the full details of the 4 beginners' classes, 6 intermediate classes, 6 advanced classes, 4 technique classes and 4 classes dedicated to the Milonga con traspie.

Download the detailled group class schedule now!

Reminder: all group classes and privates take place at Tango Chino Club, except for group classes on Thursday which happen at SinoChu Wine Bar (followed by our regular Milonga).

Tango Chino: Chaowai SOHO, building B, Unit 05020; Off 6 Chaowaidajie, Chaoyang, 100022 Beijing (Diego: 13911201872) / 周六,日:  朝外SOHO, B室, 05020朝阳区, 朝外大街乙6号, 100022 北京 (信息:Diego:13911201872)

Sino Chu Wine Bar: Chaoyang, 18 Liangmahe Nanlu; Behind the Australian embassy, along the canal. Phone : 85322418 / 周一到周五: 红酒屋,朝阳区亮马河南路18号, (澳大利亚大使馆后面), 电话01- 8532 2418