movieAs part of the current Andres and Isabel Workshop, we are pleased to invite eveybody interested in tango history to attend the showing of "Tango, baile nuestro", a documentary by director Jorge Zanada (1988) which Andres and Isabel offered to show us.

The movie, in Spanish with English subtitles, is an "impressionistic look at the tango in Argentina, mixing dance sequences with interviews, archival footage, and atmospheric fictional scenes. The narrative discusses tango's place in Argentine identity, its decline in the 1950s, attempts in the 1980s to revive it, differences between the tango in Argentina and in other countries, its healing properties, the distinctive roles of man and woman in the dance, and contrasts between professional and amateur styles. The archival footage includes some of the mid-twentieth century's best known dancers."

We will show it at Tango Chino Club on Wednesday March 31st at 8:30 PM. It is free! The documentary lasts 1 hour and 10 mn and will be followed by the regular Diego's milonga.

You may want to bring a cushion since there will not be enough chairs for everybody!