Analia Centurion & Leonel Mendieta are young argentinian tango dancers with a renown trajectory of more than 15 years of experience in Tango Salon and Stage.
They have worked in different stages through Argentina and Europe, teaching and performing (Spain, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Ukraine, Germany).

They performed with Orchestras such as Los Solistas de D'arienzo, Mariano Mores, Raul Garello, Lisandro Adrover, Jorge Dragone and danced with Mora Godoy, Claudio Villagra and Juan Carlos Copes Company. They have also taught in international festivals in New York 2008, Tango con las Estrellas 2009, Cosquin and Mundial de Tango 2009.
They also performed in tango Houses in Buenos Aires (LA Ventana Tango, Madero Tango,Complejo Tango, Piazzola Tango, Cafe Tortoni, etc.).

Currently, they live in Japan where they are the directors of El Abrazo Tango Studio, where they teach classes and workshops in tango salon and stage. They also tour through out Japan with shows and seminaries.

Analia & Leonel have complemented their tango with other dance disciplines - ballet, jazz, modern and Argentinian Folklore.
To know more about them, check: www.analiayleoneltango.blogspot.com

Leonel wrote to us:

"What we teach in class is always the base of tango; wlaking, el embrace, musicality the pause... What is more important for us is the connection between the couple. Only when the level of the students is adequate we add steps like turns, boleos, enrosques and so on. For all class levels, and for each class (not on ly technical class) we do a warm-up wihout shoes."

So be prepared for real work!