Dear Tangueras, Dear Tangueros,
Dear Students of Tango:

It is hot outside and the Tango Summer is starting through with two excellent workshops, one behind us and one just coming up very very soon.

To make room for the workshop and to give you enough oportunity to enjoy the workshop and to relax and enjoy the summer in all its facetts, please be aware that there will be no regular class on Thursdays throughout July. The regular class on Thursday's resumes with new fresh energy and a slightly different concept and credo in August 2010. So stay tuned for more.

Apart from that I'm about to develop a new concept for a whole new set of intermediate classes for I see the growing need for more advanced techneques and figures, those a beginners' class would be overchallenged with.

You could log on to TangoRen and answer the polls here so to let me know what you are expecting for the coming year.

See you all on the dance floor,