Ernesto and Rika are coming back to Beijing for the 4th time, very eager to see the progresses we made since last year! The workshop will occur from Wednesday, November 17th do Wed. December 1st, with daily milongas or practicas. Fridays are off for the teachers, and Tuesdays are dedicated to private classes.



  • Walk-in class /单次课程: 160元 / 120元 (student 学生)
  • 4-class   passes/4次课程: 600元 / 400
  • 8-class   passes/8次课程: 1100元 / 700
  • 12-class   passes/12次课程: 1400元 / 900
  • 16-class   passes/16次课程: 1700元 / 1100
  • 20-class-pass/20次课程: 2000元 / 1400

To download the schedule with content of the classes click onepage_schedule.

And here is the full schedule with addresses of the dance studios, prices and so on: E_R_schedule_full

In order to make the most of this
workshop, we decided with Ernesto and Rika to abandon the usual beginner/intermediate/advanced levels. Classes are offered as Basis, technique and steps. All classes are open to all levels; we recommand that people with less that one year of tango experience take all the Basis and Technique classes, which are nonetheless usefull for everybody. Advanced dancers are encouraged to reserve private/small group classes in order to work on specific topics.


  • Technique class: body training for tango: posture, relaxation, stretching, etc. + men and women specific techniques. Please bring socks, we will first practice without shoes. 技巧课程男女技巧 : 所有级别: 身体的训练, 姿势, 放松,伸展等等. 请大家带上袜子。我们在练习的时候,有时不穿鞋.
  • Basis class: learn or review all the fundamentals of tango dancing: walk, embrace, basic steps, space management and etiquette in the bal, etc. 基础课程: 主要是学习和回顾一些Tango基础,包括走步拥抱基础步伐如何控制与舞伴及其他在舞会上跳舞的人的距离保持平衡的技巧还有更多
  • Steps class: steps and sequences for tango, vals and milonga, with emphasis on musicality and connection between partners.步伐课程: 主要学习Tangotango华尔兹milonga中的步伐和套路教学的重点在音乐性和对舞伴之间的身体和气息联系. 


New: apart from the regular private classes, we offer small group (up to 4 people) class, which give you the opportunity to work very closely with the teachers for a reasonnable price: only 225RMB/hour each.

  • Private lesson: 1 or 2 people / 1-2人 : 600RMB/hour / 600人民币/60分钟
  • Small   group class: up to 4 people (2 couples) 小团体课程: 最多四个人2): 900RMB/hour / 900人民币/60分钟

Please book and pay both types of privates through Beijing Tango.  私人课程: 通过组织者预订私人课程(, Daisy: 13661347015).

Check the schedule on for open slots before making your reservation (updated at least once a day during the workshop). 请在预定私人课程之前可登陆www.beijingtango.org来查看预约的时间表

Theses classes are given at Gwen’s home: Yanyue Hutong 53, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100010. Subway: Dongsi. By taxi, enter the one-way hutong from Dongsi Nan Daijie. Classes can also be arranged at other places more convenient to the students.



Beijing Tango members get 15% off on group and private classes. BeijingTango的会员享受团体和私人课程的15%的折扣

Info and reservations / 联系及其更多信息请电邮: + Daisy (中文): 136 6134 7015 + Gwen (English): 152 0121 6134.