New beginner course by Michael starting on December 2

Michael is back with a new set of beginners’ classes. If you ever intended to learn tango, you don’t want to miss it.The classes focus on the roots of dancing tango, the basic elements you need to make quick progress in learning one of the most beautiful and sensual dances. Michael will provide you with the techniques which will enable you to learn the essence of tango quickly and deeply.
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Ernesto and Rika Temple Milonga performance videos

For those who couldn't make it and those of you who were actually there but would like to enjoy it again, here are the 3 videos of Ernesto and Rika performances at the Temple on November 20th, 2010. The first tango One tango with choregraphy The great milonga
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Free milonga at the Westin Hotel on Saturday 11/27

Beijing. tango is supporting a tango event at an art exhibition opening at the Westin Hotel next Saturday, November 27th. Please join us from 9pm at the free milonga we are hosting with Tango Chino Club. Address: Westin Beijing Chaoyang, 4th floor. 7 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027. Subway at the door: Liangmaqiao.朝阳区, 东三环北路 7 号, 北京 100027,  邮政编码
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Special milonga at Hidden Dream this Friday

Tayfun, who is currently in Shanghai, invited Ernesto to DJ at Friday milonga. Ernesto happily agreed and will be putting the music at Hidden Dream from 9:30pm to 1:00am.Come and join us for new music and exciting tandas! Hidden Dream Cafe府上咖啡馆,东城张自忠路3号3 Zhang Zi Zhong Road, Dongcheng District. Phone: 6403-0688.3mn from Subway Zhangzizhonglu NE exit.Entry: 30RMB with one drink.
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Grand Temple Milonga on November 20th.

We are organizing a Grand Milonga in honor of Ernesto and Rika. Join us on Saturday, Nov. 20th, at the beautiful Hong'en Temple. Ernesto & Rika will perform Tango Salon and Tango Show pieces. Special guest Juan-Manuel Rosalès and Sabrina Garcia, a young dance couple from Buenos Aires who currently teaches tango in Beijing, will perform as well. 2 professional couples dancing together: a first in Beijing!Tickets are 120RMB (including one soft drink or mulled wine) and can be bought at all the regular milongas of SinoChu, Hidden... [Lire la suite]
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Ernesto and Rika Workshop

Ernesto and Rika are coming back to Beijing for the 4th time, very eager to see the progresses we made since last year! The workshop will occur from Wednesday, November 17th do Wed. December 1st, with daily milongas or practicas. Fridays are off for the teachers, and Tuesdays are dedicated to private classes.GROUP CLASSES  团体课程 Walk-in class /单次课程: 160元 / 120元 (student 学生) 4-class   passes/4次课程: 600元 / 400元 8-class   passes/8次课程: 1100元 / 700元 12-class   passes/12次课程: 1400元 / 900元 16-class  ... [Lire la suite]
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