SinoChu Wine Bar

Our regular classes and milongas are held at SinoChu Wine Bar (2nd floor room). The Sino Chu Wine Bar (also known as Liangmahe Winebar) is conveniently located in the sanlitum area, off Chunxiu Lu, along the canal, behind the Canadian and Australian Embassies. Plenty of car and bike parking spaces; cabs can be catched on the main avenue Dongzhimen Wai. Sino Chu Wine Bar, Liangmahe Nanlu 16, Chaoyang District.朝阳区东直门外大街亮马河南路18号  - phone : 131 2102 5208 (ask your (cab-)driver to call for directions if needed) Click to... [Lire la suite]
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Who we are and contacts

Beijing.Tango is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Argentinian tango in Beijing. Founded in 2004 by Europeans living in Beijing, Beijing.Tango welcomes Chinese people and foreigners alike. We speak Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French and other languages.We organise :- bi-weekly tango classes for beginners and improvers, on Thursday and Sunday; - bi-weekly milongas, on Thursday andf Sunday; - and we invite renowned tango artists to run workshops 4 times a year and perform in milongas. These intensive... [Lire la suite]
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