Embassy Milonga: what a night!

Thanks to Valeria Rabaglia who welcomed us at the Embassy, to Tayfun as excellent DJ and to Leonel and Analia who gave us a spectacular performance, the Grand Milonga at the Argentine Embassy was a big success with nearly 90 people attending and most staying as late as they could.Many thanks to each and everyone of you for making this first ever milonga in the Embassy an historical evening!
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Leonel and Analia workshop is up and running!

The workshop is already very successul with full-attendance classes and very happy students. Some classes are still available, especially the ones held at SinoChu Wine Bar (bigger place, more people can attend): check the Detailled_schedule and register! For private classes, check the online calendar for available time slots. For the Grand Milonga at the Argentine Embassy remember to buy tickets BEFORE JULY 9th.
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Thursday Milonga in July: Alternative music

Since Michael is away for the whole month of July (see his post) we have been looking for a new DJ for the Thursday Milonga (9:00PM-12:00AM). Elena came up with a very interresting project, proposing to mix alternative music and some traditionnal Argentine tango as well as some jewels found alsewhere in the world. Please join us to the first Alternative and Tango Nuevo Milonga in Beijing on July 1st, 15th, 22nd and 29th! NB. On July 8t, Leonel, our workshop teacher, will run the milonga after the guided practica.
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Special Ladies Milonga on Sunday June 27th

Our regular DJ, Alice, is away from Beijing for a week. We are happy to welcome Tayfun from Taifengo as the host DJ next Sunday, June 27th. To spice things up, Tayfun's milonga will offer two tandas to Ladies: choose your man! We just hope that enough boys will remain upstairs since a big screen dowstairs in the patio of SinoChu will be showing the World Cup live game! This Sunday is also a good time to register for our coming workshop as well as for the Grand Milonga of July 10th at the Argentine Embassy. Hope to see you all on... [Lire la suite]
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July 10th Grand Milonga surprise location...

And the winner is... the Argentine Embassy in Beijing! We are very thankful to the Argentine Ambassador to welcome us on this great house - with wonderful wooden floor!The milonga will happen at the Argentine Embassy, from 20:30PM to late (please enter before 9:30PM) with  Tayfun Bayram as DJ and Show performance by Leonel and Analia. Please reserve by July 8th: absolutly no tickets will be sold afterwards for security procedures. Entry is 120 RMB / 80 RMB for members & students, including one glass of wine,... [Lire la suite]
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Summer Break for Michael's Class

Dear Tangueras, Dear Tangueros, Dear Students of Tango: It is hot outside and the Tango Summer is starting through with two excellent workshops, one behind us and one just coming up very very soon. To make room for the workshop and to give you enough oportunity to enjoy the workshop and to relax and enjoy the summer in all its facetts, please be aware that there will be no regular class on Thursdays throughout July. The regular class on Thursday's resumes with new fresh energy and a slightly different concept and credo in... [Lire la suite]
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Leonel and Analia July workshop: registration open

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Summer tango in Beijing

Beijing Tango, jointly with Taifengo, organizes a new workshop with Leonel and Analia (who they are) July 2nd to July 16th. Check out the full info and schedule on our July workshop with leonel and Analia and register BEFORE JUNE 15th to get early-bird special bargain price! Tango Chino Club organizes a 2-week workshop with Fernando and Nicoletta, June 9-22. For more information Tango Chino workshop with Fernando and Nicoletta, click here or download the full Fernando_schedule and price list.If you register to both workshop, you... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Leonel and Amalia

Analia Centurion & Leonel Mendieta are young argentinian tango dancers with a renown trajectory of more than 15 years of experience in Tango Salon and Stage.They have worked in different stages through Argentina and Europe, teaching and performing (Spain, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Ukraine, Germany).They performed with Orchestras such as Los Solistas de D'arienzo, Mariano Mores, Raul Garello, Lisandro Adrover, Jorge Dragone and danced with Mora Godoy, Claudio Villagra and Juan Carlos Copes Company. They have... [Lire la suite]
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Looking for accomodation for maestros

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