Pablo returns to Beijing

It is our great pleasure to rely the information on the coming workshop led by Pablo Giorgini, organized by Glen, one the active member fo the Beijing Tango scene.Pablo is coming without Noelia who is expecting twins (!), but we are confident that he will bring, as usual, a lot to Beijing tangueros. The 10-day workshop, due to begin next Friday, August 19th, will offer beginner and intermediate group class, as well as private lessons, always a big hit. Group classes will take place at Tango Chino Club on week-days and ATer tango on... [Lire la suite]
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Private classes with Pablo and/or Noelia

Pablo & Noelia will be available for private classes from November 25 to December 14 Dec 2009. If you intend to take classes with them, please email beijing.tango@yahoo.com (Beijing.Tango members enjoy priority booking). Prices: 80 US$ for single teacher, 120 US$ for both teachers. Please pay in US$, Pablo & Noelia will not accept RMB. Address:  Couryard house in n° 27 Guowang Hutong, off Jiugulou Dajie, Dongcheng. Subway: Gulou Dajie.
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Workshop with Pablo & Noelia

It is our great pleasure to announce the return of Pablo & Noelia for our December workshop (group classes and private lessons). These famous Argentinian Tango Masters came already twice at BeijingTango in the past years and their new workshop was highly anticipated by Beijing students of all levels. Pablo Giorgini & Noelia Coletti are world class dancers from Buenos Aires who taught and performed extensively in Europe and Asia. They are currently on a 6-month Asia tour, teaching master classes in Tokyo and Hong... [Lire la suite]
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